This section of our teacup page is to share some personal, sometimes tragic experiences with Teacup chihuahuas.   I love my tiny chis.......they are a huge responsibility and take special care.
     There are a lot of opinions about TEACUPS.   TEACUPS  are not a particular breed, they are usually the runt of a litter.  TEACUPS in my humble opinion are a comfortable size of dog that you can sneak into the movies or take to the manicurist's with you. 

     TEACUPS are more prone to low blood sugar due to their size.  Basically, it is very important that they eat many small meals.  They can't go for long without food.  Sometimes people mistake them for tiny toys and hold them too long, denying them rest, food and water.  They are still babies and need time to sleep, eat and drink.

    If TEACUPS don't get food and rest, you will notice them becoming lethargic.  They can't stand up on their own.  These are the first signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Keep an eye on your chi's gums as they are a good sign of their blood sugar.  Pink gums are healthy.  Pale/white/grey gums are a sign of low blood pressure/low blood sugar.  Look at your puppy's gums regularly so that you know how they look when he/she is feeling well.

     It is a good idea to have on hand, some Nutrical or Nutristat.  These are nutritional supplements that boost blood sugar and can be given to any small dog daily.  In the case of a can save their lives.  I send a tube of NutriCal out with every pup just to supplement their diets until they adjust to their new environment.

   Another hazard for the TEACUP is their fragility.  They are just so tiny that they can be broken. They can't survive jumps, drops or falls.   TEACUPS cannot run around your home like any other dog. They need to have their own safe place, albeit a crate or playpen/ex-pen.  I like the 18 inch black ex-pen for it's convenient size.  Here is a link to an ex-pen on Amazon with free shipping.  I highly recommend it!

   Larger dogs can be a hazard for any chihuahua, however the TEACUP is especially vulnerable.  Even another chihuahua that outweighs the TEACUP can cause bodily injury to your pup.  

If you have any questions about teacups please feel free to text me at: 951-522-0424

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Chihuahuas………500 words or less

     Chihuahuas are the smallest dog money can buy.  The standard size for Chihuahuas is 6 lbs.  There are some smaller and some bigger.  Chihuahuas are the ’Eternal Puppy’ meaning that they are so small, it seems as though they are always puppies.  

     Chihuahuas are from the Terrier family.  They are loyal, intelligent &  for their size,very brave.  Chihuahuas make great little watchdogs.  They will make you aware of a visitor usually before the doorbell rings.  

     If you want your chi to be friendly, it is important to buy from a reputable breeder that specializes in good temperaments.  Socializing your chi from a very young age is also important.  

     Chihuahuas are warm & cuddly.  All dog’s bodies are normally at a temperature of about 101 degrees, 3 degrees above our own body temperature.  It is very relaxing to cuddle with a warm Chihuahua. Their favorite place in all the world is snuggled against their owner under a blanket.        

   Chihuahuas are low maintenance dogs.  They are convenient traveling companions.   They can go as carry-on luggage when you travel on planes.  They don’t take up a lot of space in your home.  The long coat Chihuahua sheds less than the smooth coat Chi.    

     Fragility…….you must take precautions with the Chihuahua breed.  They are very small and can be broken or killed.  Small children should be supervised.  Be careful where you step.  Chihuahuas can learn to stay out of your way, but it takes some time.  Puppies are not always aware of  the danger around them.  You will need to watch out for them.  

     A popular size is the ‘teacup’ Chihuahua which averages between 2-3 ½ lbs.  The drawback to this size is that they are highly prone to Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Special precautions are needed because this size is extra fragile.  This size especially needs it’s own living space so as to not be accidentally stepped on or kicked, etc…. 

     Chihuahuas  have a variety of looks.  There is the Taco Bell Chihuahua which typically has a deer muzzle and long legs.  The AKC standard usually has an apple head and shorter legs & muzzle.  There are more colors in the Chihuahua breed than any other breed.  There are……fawns, blacks, chocolates, creams, sables of every color, merles, blues, Irish markings, white with spots of color.  A solid color of any kind is very rare.  

     Chihuahuas because of their small size can develop problems with their teeth.  At 1 year of age if your Chihuahua hasn’t lost all of it’s baby teeth….you might consider taking it to the vet to have these teeth removed.  Brushing your puppy’s teeth weekly at an early age can help prevent dental problems.  Beef hooves make excellent chews for this breed, loosening their baby teeth and removing plaque.  

    As a fan of the Chihuahua breed, I would recommend them highly.  They are my love and my passion.  For more information you 
can contact me @ [email protected] .  
AKC Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua Standard 

Pictures located in 
"Guide to Owning a Chihuahua" 
by Roberta Sisco.

Myth or Fact?
Peanut, owned by Kathy ( 1 lb. 10 oz) Blue Merle

Let me tell you about Ned
Born: 12/08/2005

     I know I have said that when you have a need to give them their own living space.  They are not safe "underfoot"  That goes for most young chihuahuas.....1 false move and you will be sorry....I kidd you not! 

     I felt ''sorry'" for Ned that he couldn't run around with the family on a friday afternoon.  So I let him loose in the kitchen.  My son, Ryan, even brought him to me at the computer and asked me if it was OK for him to run around the kitchen.  I told him to "Just be careful"  Bad idea!

    A little later Ryan opened the fridge and didn't see Ned poke his little head in the door.  Yep! You guessed it!  Squished the little guy right in the door.  I was so angry with myself for being so stupid.  I knew better!  Didn't I ? was rough for a week or so....Ned spent the night at the vet's on an iv.  He was diagnosed with a concussion and bruised lungs. They sent him home 24 hours later saying they had done all they could.  On the way home, Ned had convulsions and to tell you honestly.....when I put him to bed that night......I didn't think he would be alive in the morning.

     The next day, we could really see the neurological damage that had been done to his system. He shook badly, couldn't walk straight, fell over......He looked horrible.....many prayers were said over this guy.  I felt so guilty....rightfully so!  

     By Sunday, his eye showed an infection.  He couldn't open it.  Back to the vet's we went.  He was given antibiotic eye drops and ointment and after 2 weeks, his eye is finally open wide and looking naturally moist.  Whew!  He is bouncing around like before.....he is an amazing little guy and we are blessed to have him in our home.  Thank God.

     Update: August 17th, 2015)   Ned went on to become one of our most beloved studs, producing some our most beautiful babies. He has been a true miracle and blessing!  Ned is now the oldest of all our studs.  As I am typing this sentence, over 10 years later, he is resting comfortably on my lap, occasionally pawing at my hand for just one more scratch from Mommy.
Let me tell you about Happy-Go-Lucky

   The first week Happy was home with us we nearly lost him twice......hence the name, Happy Go Lucky!   

   When we brought him home he was about 9 weeks old.  He was put with his brother Chewie and a little Teacup named Ted E. Bear.  Everything seemed to be fine.  They had food available 24/7.  

   About 2 days later I was showing him to my mother-in-law and he just couldn't stand up.....I had seen signs of low blood sugar in Ted E. Bear and Ted had spent the night in the hospital on an IV.     

    I gave Happy some Nutri-Drops which go straight to the blood stream.  Then rushed him to the vet.  He was finally seen and given some Nutri-cal and sent home. Apparently we caught him in time.

    The same week he choked on chicken (no bones) because he wasn't eating correctly and tried to 'wolf' it down.  His tongue was turning blue and he had foam coming out of his nose and mouth.  I was beside is so hard for me not to panic in these situations.

    Craig pushed the chicken the rest of the way down his throat, into his stomach.    That did the trick!  I was trying to give him the Heimlich maneuver, to say the least it wasn't working.  Thank goodness for Craig's cool head!.

Ned as a baby. 
He looks so pitiful.
You've come a long way baby!! Congratulations Ned, 
my Happy-Go-Lucky baby!.
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