Satisfied Clients
Satisfied Clients
......aka new friends with their new babies
Etney with Harley
Kathy with Peanut
 Julie with Bizou in 2005 and her new addition, Dior
June 2006!  Congratulations Julie!!
Visit Julie & her
babies @........
   Our little Napoleon is doing great .  He's friendly with everyone, a good little watchdog, and a wonderful snuggler.  He loves to curl up in a down throw and take a nap.  He's perfect, cute, friendly and a great carpet eater!  We adore him!   He was born April 1st, and is now almost 4 pounds.  He is a del Campo family member! 
 Araceli w/ Twinkie
 Tara & Jeff with  Gus
Becky & Bubba
Gus has grown into such a handsome man, and he's so smart too.  We love Gus so much and he is the perfect friend for Darby!
Sweet Pea is wonderful.  She is a fun puppy and keeps us laughing. She is spoiled rotten in some ways, but surely loves attention.  She commands our attention with her funny antics.  Even my boys, who were not going to let themselves like one of those "girlie" dogs, are eating out of her hand, just as I knew they would be.  My second son plays a game where he hides his face behind his hat and then pops his face out so she can lick his nose and she does so furiously.  She is so excited to see all of us that it makes us excited to see her, too!

~~Wynette ~~
Wynona, Naomi (aka Sweet Pea) and Ashley
 Brittany with Peanut
 How many pups can you see?!
Dog Pile
Hi Teresa,
Peanut was my birthday present.
What I love about Peanut is that she is very loving, and friendly with people, she loves to be with people. She comes with my family on trips to the lake, Vegas, San Diego & way more.Her favorite treat is the greenies. My family loves her, my mom wasn`t too much for dogs... but now she's the one that takes her everywhere with us. 

When  my dad comes home from work he gets her and he just chills with her too.  She doesn't bark alot.  She will bark if someone is at the door.... but she likes to be in peoples arms, and just to play with them. Peanut is like her Mom and her Dad.  She`s a great comfort.
Hello Teresa,
We are the proud owners of daisy...Her new name is Pepper(Pepper Parker).  She is the most wonderful additon to our family. 
 Tracy w/ Theo
 She is so sweet and loving, i just want to thank so much for giving us this wonderful little lady!  We love her more than words!
         Chris and Janelle Parker
Dear Teresa,
     Rocco has been dubbed as a "very handsome" man by his Vet and breaks hearts in public!  John and I just adore him!   He's easy to train as he is very intelligent & astute.  He's lots of fun @ home. 
 We love, love, love him & he loves us too!  My friend commented on how when he gazes at me, he looks like he's madly in Love. 
Celine and John.
[email protected]
Ask for Teresa
Southern California
   Here are some pics of (Mr. Itty-Bitty) UZI is his new name. His daddy wanted something scary so we named him after a machine gun! LoL! 
   He gets all the attention when we go shopping! I can't go anywhere without being stopped! & Uzi just loves the attention!  He's so friendly & playful with everyone!  We love him so much! He's our little babyyyy! 
xx Lulu
Hi Teresa, 
   I am so enjoying little Monty (Montezuma) formerly Pepper.  He is such a sweet, affectionate and spunky little pup.  He is loving his two big sisters, Angel and Thumbelina. They are still a little hesitant around him, but curious.  It will be soon, and all three will be fast friends.  I took Monty to our Vet here in Apple Valley yesterday, and I'm happy to report he is in great health!  I just want to sincerely thank you for enriching our lives with this precious little Chihuahua puppy. 
He is and always will be, a spoiled, loved addition to our family. I am attaching a couple of photos.

 Sincerely, Debbie Byrne

Thank you Teresa 
for our lovely little "Bella-tini" 
(aka Chelsea). 

She has brought much joy and laughter into our home, just in the short time she has been 
with us. 

She has adjusted well to her new family including Princess Coco, our precious kitty, as well as our boys, Joshua (pictured) and Justin. 

We'll come to you again if we ever decide to add to our family!
Dear Teresa,
   Here is a picture of Porsche with her big sister, Allie, looking at the pelicans on the beach in Mexico.  She is, without a doubt, the most popular dog on the beach and thoroughly loving all the attention!  Please count me as one of your very satisfied clients.
Thank you,

UPDATE: This is Porsche with her new little sister, Chanel, who we also got from Teresa.  
Hi Teresa-
     I just wanted to send you some pictures of Electra. We purchased her from you in 07. She is such a character. As you can see she loves to have her pictures taken!!! She is such a princess, and we thank you so much for her!  She is my everything!!! 

 Ashley Keeny 
Hi Teresa, 
    We finally have some pictures for you of our little boy, Parker And if I do say so myself, he is a very handsome little guy!  
   Thank you so much for everything Teresa. Parker is absolutely perfect in every way. He is very smart, happy (nothing bothers him), and boy, does he do the funniest things! He absolutely loves his big brother Brodie and they are best friends. 
    Parker brings so much joy to our lives and has already claimed a fast place in our hearts. We can't thank you enough for our new cherished little boy and all the help and advice you have provided along the way.  For more pic/videos you can go to:!/video/video.php?v=1254422683440&ref=mf

Amber, Won, & Brodie
 Hi Teresa,
I just want to thank you for producing such a wonderful little pup, Kinsey {Gabriella}.   She has enlightened our lives with laughter with all her cute personality traits & has made Luke, her best friend.  Luke sometimes needs a time out she is so active and he is a bit lazy, but he really loves her & looks for her when she is not around. He wants her with him all the time. 
Kinsey is very vocal, not a lot of barking but a lot of talking in her language which is a deep sound that sounds almost human or a high scream that sounds similar to a cat. Neither one of them bark except when someone comes to the door or they see a cat or dog in the front yard.  
Thanks again, Pat Chrisco
 Dear Teresa,

   Here are the pics of my 2 pups, Rolexy & Jetta & my sister's pup, Choco Dobbielishes.

You are a great breeder and an honest friend to buy dogs from.  

I would highly recomend Teresa's chihuahuas any day!

Your chi friend, 

Katherine Nhan
 Teresa and her friends breed exceptional Chihuahuas.  My family is up to three at the moment.  My daughter recently purchased the third Chihuahua and she is so much in love with the little guy. 

Great job to Teresa and fellow breeders!
What a dynamic little guy!
    When he enters the room everyone knows.  Rocco commands attention and therefore, the room.  He has the best personality and is always busy exploring, playing, loving.  All I can say is what a character and handsome as well. 
Rocco the Wonder Dog 
When I asked Jonathan, a Marine & Chihuahua fan, if I could add pics of Joey to my Satisfied Clients page, his response was as follows.....

"ABSOLUTELY!!!!  Put him on your Ridiculously Satisfied Page!!  Joey is doing GREAT!!! All 2.3 pounds of him!  He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!"
Now that, as a breeder, is music to my ears.  I couldn't be happier!  My pleasure Jonathan!
   We are enjoying both of the dogs 
we received from Teresa and 
would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for great pups. 
Teresa is loyal, honest and dedicated to her family and her dogs.
Dave & Kris Colucci

Owner of 
Tiny Dog Daycare 

Tiny Dog Transport
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Harley in her new home with her new BIG sister Calie
This morning I’m sitting here doing my work, drinking coffee & coordinating homecoming plans for my Marine... My daughter is running around laughing hysterically over little Millie chasing her.  She is very expressive in her features & loves to be toted around the house. Millie learns fast and loves to run and play, she is full of energy and can run circles around the house making us all laugh for hours on end. At the end of the day she cuddles up and gives tons of kisses... she just loves to be with the family no matter what we do! Thank you Teresa for providing us with our ideal companion.

~ The Helgeson Family
Mike and I are very pleased with Baby Jo (aka) Harley. She has fit into our family wonderfully & with ease! 

You have made us very happy by bringing tons of joy and love into our lives with a very healthy, happy, little chi. 
I couldn't thank you enough, and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a happy, healthy, adorable chi. 
Thanks again! 
~ Tawny & Mike ~ 
Jonathan gave me Candy (Rose) 1 of Zoey's Pups in 2009.  I wanted to update you about our little Candy. She will be 1 in March, time has flown since we got her & I have enjoyed every moment. She is the cutest, silliest puppy.  We love her so much.  She is always on my lap, in my arms, or in my purse while I shop for the both of us.  We wanted to thank you for everything......for being honest & for helping me become a great dog owner whenever I had a question.  We would absolutely love to come & visit soon!  
                                               ~ Evalina & Jonathan.  ~
 "Libby" is a one of a kind little girl.  She is very precious & intelligent.  
  She has developed a funny habit of sucking on my earlobe while she lays on her back & lets me rub her belly.  She is very outgoing & friendly to everyone.  She has gorgeous green eyes & she always gives you eye contact when you talk to her.  
  I have never shown in a dog show but Libby is making me seriously consider it.  She has such a big personality, that I think she would do well.  
  Her coat is silky, soft & THICK.  I can tell she is going to be gorgeous. 
 To anyone who is contemplating getting a puppy, they are the best antidepressant ever, and who doesn't need that in this economy.  Everyone should have one!
PitaPata Dog tickers
PitaPata Dog tickers
Zoey has been doing therapy with our patients receiving chemo treatments & is also auditioning for a pilot.   Here is a pic of my cat holding Zoey.  This is how they sleep.  The cat grooms her, they play together and are just great buddies.   Zoey is doing super in her classes to be certified as a therapy dog. She is the best. Thank you so much for such a great dog. You're the best. She weighs 2.3 pounds
< /div>
Dear Teresa:

 I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my three little Chihuahuas I got from you. 
I looked for 6 years for a little Chihuahua to replace my beloved Cricket who passed away in 2003 at the age of 14. I thought I would never fill that empty space until I came across Gracie from your website...I love her every bit as much as Cricket and enjoy her loyal, loving companionship. 
Thank you for being an outstanding breeder of Chihuahuas.  I would highly recommended you to anyone I know!
My beloved Emmett.  I am so proud of him!!!  Thank you, Teresa, for such a wonderful and beautiful addition to our family.  We love you,
Becky, Renee & Emmett.
Becky and Emmett, You guys have come a long way!  
We are proud of you both!
Kinsey in Beverly Hills 
Updated pic of Millie, all 2.6 lbs of her!
Little newborn Emmett
Emmett @ about 9 wks of age
Emmett @ the show with Becky
Emmett showing again with Becky
Emmett and Becky love to show.  Emmett is now producing some lovely babies of his own.  Our grandbabies!
I wanted to send you a picture of my Willow's 1st Birthday!   I simply can't believe it has been a year already. As you can see she is a beautiful little girl, has a funny personality, all her own.  Last time I talked to you, I was having trouble with her socialization.  I can say that I have worked very hard with her and she is doing great!  Still a work in progress but 100% better.  
Willow loves the outdoors!  Her favorite things are laying in the sun and running full speed.  She is even a swimmer.  We took her on her first fishing trip last month.   She was quite the little fisherman sitting on her mama's lap. 
I just wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She is full of love and kisses, very affection, so sweet.  She is my shadow.  Love her to death!   Hope all is well with you and your family.
Christy P

Hi Teresa,
My name is Kira, and about three years ago I adopted a long hair from you, her name is Uniqua. I am looking to adopt another long hair (preferably a male) around January, for pet only.   My family and I fell in love with Uniqua and would be so happy to adopt another dog from you! Please let me know If you have any puppies around January (: 
Happy 1st Birthday to all of Willow's siblings!  So wonderful that they have all stayed in touch!   I'm so proud of each of you & your lovely families!
A potential client said today. 
" I'm doing some more research tonight. 
I have several people very close to me trying to talk me out of getting a chihuahua.  They're all saying that chihuahuas are yappy and mean, that they bite & they're terrible with kids."

After posting this to my Facebook page, this was the overwhelming response from my clients!  I just love them!

My response was, " I dare them to come over & meet my chihuahuas.  Tell them to bring their kids too!  :)"  
Hi Teresa,
A year ago we picked up Emily from you.  We named her Emmie and her registered name is Leda's Little Emmie.  She is doing great and brings us such joy!  She is a great traveler and really good with people and other dogs.  Hope you are doing well and we wish you a happy, healthy 2017  

Dick Led and Emmeie

!We just love Emmie!