Placed in Great Home!!

Bethany & S GCH CH Rico Suave

We are very proud & happy to announce that our pup, Oso, went to live in 
New York with John Enos.  John is the most amazing Puppy Daddy!  John has been following us for about 8 years.  John has an Instagram account where he will be posting pics of "Vito Ososexy".  Looking forward to watching him grow!  

Updated: August 16, 2022

6 pups​ available
Shelly has 3 pups (BobaBria & Bailey)
Juliette has  pups​ left (Ghost, Milo & Lily)
 A $400 deposit will hold your pup 
& we can arrange a payment plan.

​Deposits are non-refundable as they represent your commitment.

Payments are to be in cash unless arranged otherwise.



I've been known, when times are tough, to barter & trade.  A few items I have traded for:  
An African Grey Parrot, a bed, a television, jewelry, a lithograph print, vases, camera, 

Services:  One client worked in pest control, one was a professional picture framer, another a makeup artist, 
One rebuilt a horse cart, another took my son to work with him  & taught him about bovine A.I.

Sometimes people have lots of time & talent but not a lot of excess cash. ​ I pride myself as being a creative thinker that thinks outside the box.   

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HomePuppiesAdoption/Rescue$150 dogSHOW NEWSDaddiesSatisfied clientsChihuahua Articles
ContractsPast PuppiesVideos


A pup marked "AVAILABLE" is for sale.

A pup marked "PENDING"
means a deposit & payments are being made.

A puppy can become "AVAILABLE"
IF the client stops making payments,
due to circumstances beyond their control.

Pups marked "SOLD" are paid for in full!

All registrations are limited unless 
otherwise specified.
Spay/neuter contract required


We accept PayPa

Please contact us before 
sending any deposit!


I rarely check my email or voicemal, so text or call.   Sorry.  I respond to text almost immediately!
Available Pups


I love this.  The 'Little Buddy' chart 
It's been around for ages.  It's not exact but it does give you a reference.  Check the weight of your pup against it's age, scroll down & you can get an estimate of it's adult size.  
Example: 8 wks/13 oz = 2 1/2 lb adult
Mommy Bethany running at the park!
Silver Grand Champion "Rico" Suave
Oso 3 wks old
Vito Ososexy living with John now
Vito's first visit to the beach
Vito in New York
Another great pic of Vito "Oso" sexy
John and Vito
New collar for Mr. Vito
Great pic of John Enos.  So glad he finally has one of our babies!
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3 pups Available from Shelly
Born: 07/19/2022

                                              Estimated Adult 

1.  Bria   F    SC  Wht/blk   5 lbs    -  Available   -  $2,500 $4,000

2.  Bailey  F   LC   Wht/blk     5 lbs  -  Available   -   $2,500

3.  Boba  M   LC  Wht/blk   5  lbs    -  Available   -  $2,000
4 pups Available from Juliette
Born: 07/08/2022

                                              Estimated Adult 

1.  King  M  LC  Fawn   6 - 7lbs    -  Pending   -  $800  - Betty, CA $4,000

2.  Ghost   SC   Fawn    6 lbs  -  Available   -   $875

3.  Milo  M   SC  Fawn  5.5  lbs    -  Available   -  $950

4.  Lily    F    LC   Fawn  6 lbs   -  Available  -  $1500
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