S'more-a-That is a very small beautiful, deep chocolate, LC merle AKC chihuahua.
She is playful & energetic.
looks like a sweet treat of chocolate, graham crackers & marshmellows! 
Price negotiable
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Bill of Sale   
Please feel free to email or call me with any questions. 
$100 deposit is non-refundable
[email protected]
Southern California
Ask for Teresa
Stud Service Agreement
(The 'conditions of service' has been enlarged for your convenience)

1.  No fee returned in whole or in part.

2.  A guarantee of actual mating (inside/outside "tie") only is made and not of pregnancy or of puppies living or dead.

3.  If the bitch fails to be in whelp (pregnancy), the owner must give notice to the stud's owner no later than fifty days after the date of 
     mating.  A RETURN SERVICE, will be given to the same stud without charge, at the next heat (and only the next heat) of the 
     same bitch.  Unless such notice is given, the right to a return service is forfeited.

4.  If the stud dies, is sold, or is otherwise not availiable, the stud's owner has the right to mate the bitch with another stud, at the stud
     owner's choice, unless both parties agree mutually on another choice.

5.  If the bitch changes ownership, right of full return service is the stud owners option.

6.  In order to assure the stud owner of the pregnancy condition of the bitch, the stud owner has the right to see and examine the bitch.

7.  If a puppy is to be received instead of a cash fee, the stud owner will make the choice of litter at the age of eight weeks.  One puppy
    constitutes a litter and if there is only one pupy, regardless of sex, this puppy shall constitute the stud owners choice of the litter.

8.  If all puppies are born dead, or none survive to the age of eight weeks, the stud owner has postponed the right to choice of puppy  
     through the mating at next heat of the bitch to owners stud, but a repeat of service is the stud owner's option.  NO cash
     compensation is due to the stud owner.  If the same condition occurs at second whelping, the obligations of both parties are
     terminated.  These rights (choice of puppy) are not affected by the change of ownership of the bitch.

9.  It is specifically agreed hereby that the owner of the stud is not obligated to sign application for registration of this litter until and
    unless the stud fee has been paid in full (or in case of puppy fee, the stud owner has gotten possession of puppy or puppies 
    as agreed).

10.Important-Any ADDITIONAL or SPECIAL AGREEMENTS, condiions of provisions are noted on the other side of this certificate, 
    over owner's written signature. 

Bill of Sale

This is to certify that on this date, ______, I, Teresa West  sold to ___________________a dog named ________________.
Breed: Chihuahua Color: _ Sex: __ Birth date ________

Sire name __________________  Dam name _______________________ 

Purchase price $_____ Amount deposited $___ Balance due $_____

To the best of my knowledge this dog is in good health and condition.  Seller will provide health records for the dog. The buyer must take said dog to a veterinarian within 72 hours for verification. Should the veterinarian find this dog to be in poor health, his written report, this Bill of Sale and the dog must be submitted for a full refund. The seller will not be responsible for any medical expenses. After 72 hours this sale is considered final.

Your veterinarian will recommend a proper vaccination schedule. No guarantees given against Parvo or Distemper virus as immunities vary with each dog. No guarantee is given on this dog being able to reproduce nor if a male dog of having both testicles when mature. No guarantees for show potential, thickness of coat, or any parasites or mites. 

If buyer is unable to provide a loving home for the pup, Teresa, has first right or refusal for the dog and/or will assist in finding a home for the dog. ___ initial

Buyer agrees to spay/neuter by 6 months. Buyer will NOT receive AKC until proof of alteration is provided. ___ initial
(After 1 year of age, AKC charges a fine of $35 for registration. Please be prompt in completing your paperwork) 

For those living local I am providing info for low cost alterations
Sunnymead Vet Clinic    951-242-4056
24588 Sunnymead Blvd. Moreno Valley 92553
Neuter $35    Spay $45

$400 deposit is non-refundable

Buyer:____________________    Seller: Teresa A. West_  
 Address: __________________   Address:________________________
             __________________                 ________________________
Email:  ___________________    Email: [email protected] 
Phone: __________________      Phone: 951-522-0424  
Signature:________________     Signature:_____________________
Stud contract   
Call if you have any questions.
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